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Silent Sardinia Festival 2020 had the heart of its activities in Santa Teresa Gallura from 5 to 7 August, albeit in a reduced form compared to the originally conceived calendar, by the strong will of the Municipal Administration of Santa Teresa and Roerso Mondo, association creator and creator of the event. Thanks to a concertation of economic resources put in place by the municipal administration of Santa Teresa and the proposing body, a multidisciplinary program was staged that involved over 600 people from the public, guaranteeing safety for all and obtaining the result "Contagi 0 ", also during the Silent Disco event in Rena Bianca, one of the most anticipated of the Lungona summer program.


Shooting and Editing: Marco Alini & Marco Mari

Photo: Claudio Muzzetto

Artist (s)

Sara Loreni, Alberto Fontanella, Ania Rizzi Bogdan, Laura Basile


Raimondo Molino Aka Dj Raym, Carlo Castangia, Michele Capra, Piero Muntoni From Country Cousins, Falange, Antonio Sotgiu Aka Dj Brush

Artistic direction

Michele Moi

Organizational Management

Giulia Campagna

Production assistants

Federica Perego, Assia Ottaviano, Jacopo Moi

A sincere #Thanks to all the public present, to the staff of the Tourist and Culture Office of the Municipality of Santa Teresa Gallura, to the Octopus Cooperative

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